Success stories are here, there and everywhere: From sports to science to business, every sphere we know is dotted with them. They sprout from a seemingly mundane job, done amazingly right. It isn’t really difficult to create these heartwarming tales. When you focus on executing the small things properly, you can transform yet-another-piece-of-work into a masterpiece. The impact is even more profound if your domain of work can make a difference to people you hardly know, like customer service. With this in mind, we’ve compiled some simple tips from popular customer success stories.

Listen to the customer

The first step to providing great customer service is to lend a patient ear. Take note of the details and make sure you don’t interrupt the process. Who knows, an idea for the next new product might be derived from a customer support interaction. In case of Sainsbury’s, what started as an innocuous question from a small child led to the renaming of a product. Read between the lines and get ready for change. 

Innovate your interactions

Using the same old scripted sentences when delivering support can be enervating for customer reps. While it’s important to be courteous and not to get too personal, it doesn’t hurt to experiment a little. In this Amazon interaction, which has since gone viral, the rep took on the persona of a Norse god. We’re not recommending that you impersonate characters all the time—a cheery tone and non-robotic responses will do the trick.

Pamper the potentials

How can a business expand without increasing its customer base? There are many ways to turn a discerning newbie into a loyal customer. Providing great support  is one of them. Don’t get complacent. See to it that your brand’s reliability overpowers a potential’s initial reluctance. Take a hint from Stensionz, who constructed an amazing customer experience to turn a hesitant first-timer, into a loyal customer. 

Leverage on loyalty

In the process of wooing new customers, don’t forget the loyal ones who’ve made your brand what it is today. They’ve seen your ups and downs, and they’ve stuck around. Don’t turn them off with shoddy customer service. Look for signs when the true-blue supporters begin to feel the blues and swoop in to save the day. Maybe you’ll win a success story similar to Gaylord Opryland. 

Bend it like Beckham…sometimes

Customer service has its own set of rules and regulations to be followed. However, there are some cases where it’s okay to be flexible—especially when it involves excellent customer service. Sometimes there are cases where bending the rules can make a world of difference. Go ahead and seize the day, just like Trader Joe’s did. In this case, even though they don’t deliver during snowstorms, they not only checked in an elderly person who had snowed in, but also ensured that the delivery was free. Now that’s quality customer service with fluidity. 

Choose your words with care

The odd irate customer may choose to take their anger out on you. But don’t let that keep you from taking your next customer’s call with a smile. Words are eternal in social media, and you don’t want a moment of spite to tarnish your brand’s name forever. One slip-up and your company might be trending in social media for all the wrong reasons. While customers may rant and get away with it, you can’t afford to do the same. Just like Delta Airlines, who conveyed the news of unprecedented delays to its stranded customers with pizza, choose your words in a way that creates less impact when conveying something unpleasant.

Opportunize the unexpected

Opportunity can be an unexpected angel—or a devil that’s out to ruin you. Taco Bell had to face the latter, and they turned it to their advantage. After hearing about a hoax rumour that a Taco Bell outlet was coming to Bethel, a sleepy little town in Alaska, they airlifted ingredients to make 10,000 tacos for a promotional giveaway. titled ‘Operation Alaska’. Not only did they open an outlet, but they also sold over 70 million tacos, increasing sales by 6%. 

Most of the above stories have one thing in common: businesses that paid attention to the smallest details, making the customer interaction work and focusing on getting them right. As a result, they made a killing, just by virtue of exemplary service. So what are you waiting for?  Create a success story that will find a spot in the coveted Hall of Fame!

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  1. This piece highlighted some great success stories where the little things made a big difference to good customer service. I guess it pays to sweat the small stuff.

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