For your business to be more accessible, you should reach out to customers. While you open up different channels for your customers, at times, you will be burdened with tickets. And when the issue happens to be trivial, the entire contact center has to spend time dealing with such tickets.

All these and much more can be avoided by allowing your customers to access solutions for simple issues. You will not only reduce the load on your agents, but also empower the customers to search for solutions, without having to contact an agent. This does galvanize your customers’ trust in your business. In fact, Harvard Business Review states that by improving help section in the website, you can reduce calls by 5%.

To make the best use of self-service portal in your venture to achieve customer service success, here’s all you need to do:

Monitor the keywords. 

Customers use different terms for searching issues. Ensure that your knowledge base articles are written in a lucid manner by making optimum use of the keywords. In addition, the failed keywords tell you that an issue has recently popped up and desperately needs your attention. So, observe the patterns of your keywords and make use of them. 

Make the most out of multiple brands.

When your business has expanded to include multiple brands, you wouldn’t want your customers to spend time in searching through numerous FAQs. Create separate self-service portals for different brands so that your customers can access solutions easily. Sometimes, divide and conquer does work indeed.

Update your knowledge base.

Encourage your agents to post their solutions and keep them up-to-date. It not only improves the quality of articles, but also motivates your agents to stay in tune with the happenings. After all, it’s good to stay in trend.

The best customer experience that you can deliver doesn’t always rely on how much you can impress your customer. Sometimes, all it takes to make your customer happy is to empower them with enough tools to find the answers they need on their own.


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